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Forli Airport Arrivals

Forli airport is situated near the town of Forli in the northern parts of Italy. It is not a big airport. Luigi Ridolfi airport is said to serve around 350,000 passengers. The full names of the airport are Aeroporto di Forli – ‘L. Ridolfi’. The arrival hall at the airport is well organized for passengers and it serves few destinations. Two airline Companies serves the airport. Those arriving at the airport have some options for transport. The facilities at the airport are modern. If one wants to get to the town of Emilia-Romagna he or she has to go through the town of Forli. Some of the popular people from Forli include Melozza da Forli who is known for his famous paintings. The town of Froli is known for its great architectural designs.

The airport has a single passenger terminal which is used for both departure and arrival. The area of the ground floor is 5,880 square meters while the upper level is 430 square meters. At the ground floor is where the arrival hall is situated. The 3 baggage conveyor belts are at the arrival hall. This is the place where those passengers who have arrived collect their baggage. The airport does not have shuttle bus services and air bridges because it is a small airport. Passengers have to walk to the terminal building. The airport is a small establishment. There are internet access points, shops and restaurant, public telephones and cash machines.

If you are heading to the Eastern coast of Italy the best arrival point is Forli airport. To the eastern coast of Italy there are the following cities which included Cattolica, Rimini, Pesaro and Riccione. There is a lost and found desk for those people who have misplaced their luggage. There is a staff at the desk to assist those who have misplaced their luggage.