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Forli Tourist Attractions

Forli is a great city and there are so many attractive places to visit. Tourists usually flock the town in order to visit the great places there. These great places are near the airport. The airport is to the north of Italy. The scenery at Forli is just great. People getting to this city usually prefer to use the Forli airport. The airport has been built according to the international standard. It is well maintained and managed. It has great facilities on offer that includes telephone booths, medical services, pilot lounge, internet access point, restaurants, security places, restrooms, medical services, aviation fuel etc.

Many of Italy’s important landmarks and cultural things are found in Forli. It is situated near Via Emilia which is on the right of Montone River. The city is also important when it comes to agriculture. Some of the greatest people from Forli include Flavio Bondo who was an historian, Giovanni Battista Morgagni and Geronimo Mercuriali who are physicians, Melozzo da Forli who was a great painter and many others. The city also has a university which offers Engineering courses, Economics, advanced school of Modern Languages for interpreters and translators and political science.

The University is a branch of the University of Bologna. The university is known as University Campus of Forli. Forli is known for its great architectural designs. Frescoes have been used as decoration. At the centre of this great city there is the Piazza Aurelio Saffi that has the statute of one of the greatest Italian politician Aurelio Saffi. He played a great role during the Risorgimento movement whose leader was Giuseppe Mazzini. Piazzi Saffi also has Abbey of San Mercuriale and it is a religious building in Forli. The Dominican church of San Giacomo Apostolo is also found in Forli. The church was built in the 13th Century and it is to the south of this great city. The other old buildings at the city include Rocca di Ravaldino

There are also parks around the city which is a must see. These parks are evergreen. The parks include Parco di Via Dragoni Parco della Reistenza and many others. In 2000 a theartre was built. The theartre is known as Teatro Diego Fabbri. The people who inhabit this great city are known as the Forlivese. It is estimated that the city has a population of 109,541. If you have an intention of visiting Forli, you need to consider paying a visit to the great parks that are found here. In Forli, there is the Hamlet which is known as Villafranca di Forli which is to the north of the town of Forli. It is also to the west of river Montone and it is the place where Benito Mussolini’s mother.

The city of Forli has a rich history. It is believed that it has a Roman origin. If you want to learn more about Italy’s history then this is the city to visit. The city is said to have played some role in the World war II. The war left a lot of destruction to the city. Great monuments and artistic treasures were destroyed during the war. Forli airport is not so far from the city of Pisa. The city is famous for its leaning tower which is known as Torre di Pisa. It is from Pisa that one can easily pay a visit to the region of Tuscany. Tuscany is a city known for its rich culture and arts. The good thing about Italy is that it has a good transport network therefore visiting attractive sites near the airport is not a difficult thing.