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Forli Airport Parking

People love Forli airport because of its organization. The facility at this great Italian airport is excellent. From the airport to the city of Forli, it is estimated to be 4 kilometers. The airport is also not far from the city of Cesena. The airport has modern facilities although it is a small airport. It is also said that the airport handles approximately 300, 000 passengers every year. The other name for the airport is Luigi Ridolfi Airport and people can go with their own person cars to the airport because parking spaces are already provided for. One can easily trace where the parking place is situated at the airport because it is at a place where it can be easily seen.

It is thought that the airport has around 810 parking spaces and these parking spaces are in front of the terminal building. The parking services are offered 24 hours and the services offered are long term and short term stays. If you want to park your car for a long period of the then the off airport car park is the best place for you to park your car the airport parking space covers an area of approximately 19,000 square meters. There are no reservations for a parking space at the airport because space is always available for parking. For those who have private vehicles, their parking space is very near to the terminal building.

The fee for parking 1 and 2 at the airport is 1.50 Euro as per the hour. If one exceeds 6 hours of parking the rates increase to 10.00 Euros. There is no doubt that the parking at the airport can handle a lot of cars. One needs not to worry about the safety of his or her car because the security at the parking area is of high standard. The airport offers parking space for the increased number of car that come to the airport on a daily basis.

At the parking area, there is surveillance by video cameras. Parking spaces for disabled people are also available. This is situated at parking 2. There is a ticket issued to those who park at the airport’s parking area. These tickets are issued when paying for the parking services. At the entrance of the airport there are payment machines and can make payments using cash or credit cards. There is also a device known as an Ambulit.