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Forli Airport Buses

Forli airport also known as the Luigi Ridolf Airport is situated 4 kilometers away from the city of Forli. The airport also serves other cities that are near it. The airport is known for its modern facilities and there are two terminals which offer bus transport services. If you are visiting Forli then you need to make early plans on how you will be moving through the city. You need to find out information about the means of transport here.

The good news is that the means of transport in this city is excellent. One of the best means of transport here are the buses. If you want to get to the city of Forli faster from the Forli airport, then you need to travel by bus. It is one of the cheapest means of transport in Italy. The buses are usually situated outside the airports arrival hall. Outside the arrival hall there is a stand where people can wait for the buses.

There is only one terminal at the airport. The buses normally operate between the airport and the Forli railway station which is at the centre of the town of Forli. It takes around 15 minutes to get to the town. The buses have been built in such a way that they can accommodate the luggages that are being carried by the passengers. It is advisable as a passenger to keep your ticket until you reach your destination.

The buses at the airport are available on Mondays as from 1330hrs and 2025 hrs. On Tuesdays, the buses are available as from 1735hrs and 2040hrs. On Wednesday they are available as from 1240 hrs, 1750hrs, 1950hrs and 2140 hrs. On Thursdays they offer their services as at 1750hrs, 1850hrs. On Fridays the buses are a available as from 1255hrs and 1950hrs. On Saturday one can access the buses as at 1735hrs and 2045 hrs. On Sundays their services are available aat 1325hrs, 1755hrs, 1830hrs, 1920hrs and 2205 hrs. The buses are enjoyable and comfortable hence making your trip to the city a wonderful one. Tourists are encouraged to make more serious arrangements about their mode of transport once they arrive at the Forli airport but the best means of transport here are the buses because their services are cheaper. Visit the internet to get more information about the buses that operate from the Forli airport to the other parts of Italy and get to know the routes that they usually take.