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Forli Airport Trains

The two main towns that the Forli airport serves are Cesena and Forli. The airport is a small one but it is considered as being a very important airport. The other name of the airport is Luigi Ridolfi airport and it was given an official code which is FRL. The Airport has been well equipped with modern facilities. There are no train stations at the airport but there are buses at the airport that takes passengers to the nearest train station which is at the center of the city of Forli. The train station which is at the centre of the city is known as Forli train station.

AVM is the Company that operates the buses at the airport but they are not available throughout the day. There are times that have been set for these buses to operate. The times have been set according to the arrival flights. The Forli train station was established way back in September 1861 with the other train stations in Italy. In 1926 the old station was closed and a new one was constructed under the supervision of an engineer known as Enzo Bianchi.

The train station is situated to the east of Forli and the Company that manages the train station is known as Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI). There are 3 levels at the passenger building the ground floor being the one that is being used by the public. It is rectangular in shape and there is the stations yard that has three tracks. This tracks offer passenger services. There are various kinds of trains at the station and they include Intercity, regional, Eurostar city services, and express. Around 105 trains every day serve the station and it is approximated that it serves up to 2.8 million passengers.

The train offers a lot of benefit to those who are going to the Forli airport. First the train is more efficient than the other means of transport at the airport. They do not suffer from the weather delays. Secondly they are cheaper compared to the other means of transport. The trains are faster. They are punctual and they serve diverse locations. Trains are a reliable and a safe means of transport. There have been lesser accidents that have been reported when it comes to rail transport compared to the other means of transport. If you are visiting Forli, you may need to consider train as a means of transport for you.