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Avis Forli Airport

Avis car hire was first established in 1946 and it was stationed at the Willow Run Airport, Detroit. At the time the car had 3 cars. Its founder was Warren Avis and today the Company has been able to spread its services to 114 countries. It is ranked as one of the top most Companies offering car hire services today. It is an innovative company. Over the years the Company has been improving the services that it offers. The Company has one of its offices at the Forli airport.

Avis car hire Company provides an excellent way in which those visiting Forli for the first time can explore the various attractive sites. Their services are excellent and the staff is always ready to assist those seeking for their services. They offer a convenient and cheap service to the passengers who go through the airport. It is even possible to book their services in advance because the Company has a website. The car hire Company has its offices at the airport. In there website, you will find information about how to book for their services and you will also get the contact for the company to enable you reach them whenever you need assistance.

If you need their services, it is advisable that you make an early booking. The aim of the Company is to meet the needs of passengers who use the Forli airport. Budget is the sister Company to Avis car hire Company. The car hire Company is known for offering many great cars. The company offers its services from Monday to Saturday. On Monday their services are as from 0800hrs to 1400hrs during the morning hours and as from 1700hrs to 2230hrs during the afternoon hours. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays the car hire Company offers its services as from 0800hrs to 1400hours during the morning hours and as from 1700hrs to 2100hrs in the afternoon hours. On Thursday the company is open as from 0800 hrs to 1500 hrs in the morning and as from 1700 hours to 2230 hours. On Sunday the Company does not offer its services. The company is closed during holidays. An individual must be age 21 before he or she car be offered with car hire services by the Company.

Also before hiring a car one has to take the theft protection coverage failure of which you will not be offered by a cat hire service by the Company. The Company has different models of cars therefore it is your task to choose the model that you like. Whether you are with your family or not the Company will offer you with a car that will cater for your needs. They have trucks, vans and luxury cars. If you want to achieve and experience a lot while on tour in Forli consider going for Avis car hers services at the airport.