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Maggiore Forli Airport

Among the list of the popular car hire service Company at the Bologna airport is Maggiore. It has a variety of options for transportation. It is an Ittalian Company therefore it is well known all over Italy. They have different types of cars which are of the highest quality. The Company has its desk at Forli airport arrival area at the ground floor of the terminal building.. The car hire Company also has a website where all the information about the Company and the services that they offer are available there. You can book for your car online or you car decide to book it directly. Be sure to be offered with Maggiore’s rental policies and procedure once you get to their desk at the airport.

Maggiore car hire has categorized its cars into 8 groups. There vehicles are of different sizes and types and when categorizing it they have taken it into consideration. They have pictures of the cars and the categories that they fall into on their website. There is the citycar vehicle which is small and they are meant for driving around the city. These vehicles do not consume a lot of fuel. The vehicles that fall into this category include Lancia Ypsilon, Fiat 500 1.2 sport or lounge, Nissan Micra and Panda. There is the Compact vehicles category which is slightly larger. The cars in this category include Volkswagen Golf 1.6 or 2.0, Fiat Bravo 1.6, Alfa 147 1.9 and many others.

Maggiore covers various locations. They cover over 100 cities and they offer their services in almost all major airports in Italy. The car hire Company has a lot of experience in the car hire service because of the number of years that it has been serving people. They also have some conditions. Before one can be offered a car hire service he or she must have attained the age of 21 years. Also it is important for one to have a valid license and an International Driving Permit.

They have there contacts on their website so you can call them any time for any information that you need to know about the services they are offering. If you need an excellent service then consider Maggiorre. The aim of the company is to meet all the transport needs of all the people arriving at the Forli airport and to ensure they are not faced with any problem concerning the area of transport.